Diabetes Center

Diabetes Center
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Are you one of the millions of Bangladeshi with Diabetes? If so, there is so much you can learn and do to manage your Diabetes, prevent complications and enjoy quality of life. The UMCH Diabetes Center can help you every step of the way.

About the UMCH Diabetes Center:

The UMCH Diabetes Center are committed to providing comprehensive Diabetes Education and counseling services for all aspects of Diabetes management. Both group classes and individual sessions are offered where you will learn:

# How easy it is to monitor your blood glucose.

# How a meal plan helps control blood glucose.

# How the latest information, individual treatment plan can help prevent complications.

# How to use blood glucose results for better self-care.


The services offered at the UMCH Diabetes Centers cover a wide range of topics including diabetes education, meal planning, diabetes medication, preventing complications, exercise and making adjustments for daily living. Program Options include:

Comprehensive Diabetes Education Program-

The UMCH Diabetes Center use a team approach for education, counseling and device training, with you as the key member of the team. Registered physician, dietitians, diabetes educators and nurses are dedicated to helping each person gain control of their diabetes while maintaining an optimal state of health and well-being. Together, the team designs an individualized plan that matches your lifestyle and educational needs.

Intensified insulin self-management training:

Necessary sessions where you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to adjust your own insulin in relation to day-to-day situations and carbohydrate intake.

Nutrition counseling:

One or more private sessions with a registered dietitian specializing in Diabetes management. Individual food preferences and lifestyle are incorporated into meal planning strategies to help you improve blood glucose control.

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