How Diabetes lead to Heart Disease?

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How Diabetes lead to Heart Disease?
Diabetes can lead to different problems in the body, including heart disease. When blood sugar levels stay too high for a long time, it can damage the heart's blood vessels, which is one way diabetes can lead to heart disease. Having heart disease increases the risk for having a heart attack, stroke, and death from heart-related problems. People with diabetes have a higher risk of getting heart disease than people who do not have diabetes. Not only is their risk doubled, but people with diabetes may get heart disease at a younger age than people who do not have diabetes.
Who Is at Risk for Getting Heart Disease?
It is common for people with type 2 diabetes to have risk factors for heart disease, but it's really the combination of risk factors that puts someone at high risk for getting heart disease. Some risk factors like age, race/ethnicity, and family history, cannot be changed. But others that are related to lifestyle or health conditions can be changed.
Knowing Your Risk
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